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Lash Vegas - Video Production Proposal

Proposal presented by: Video Involver

The purpose of this proposal is to provide information about Video Involver and the various production and digital marketing services we offer, along with information and pricing for a custom solution for Lash Vegas. Based on our previous discussion, we believe we are a good fit for one another. My team and myself are excited to help you reach your video production and marketing goals.

In this document, you’ll find a pricing table that includes the services we’ve previously discussed. Please let me know if you need any changes to the scope of work or pricing. If you agree with proposed services and pricing for your custom digital marketing solution, go ahead and accept this proposal and we’ll move forward with the execution!

Our Video Production Services

Content is king in today’s digital environment. At Video Involver, we specialize in helping our clients plan, produce, and promote video content that drives audience engagement and conversions. We develop content strategy that helps you inspire, entertain, and educate your target audiences. Our full suite of content services includes: Video Production Video Marketing and Advertising Motion Graphics and Animation Digital Content Strategy

Video Production

Whether you’re producing marketing videos for social media posts or paid video ads, Video Involver is able to support your digital media and marketing efforts during the new year. The proposed engagement is based on a 1-day video shoot and photo session at the Lash Vegas studio and 7-day editing and post-production. The deliverables are: 4 Videos in 4K Resolution 30 High-Resolution, professionally retouched photographs

Editing and Post-Production

Post-Production is the stage after production when the filming is wrapped and the editing of the visual and audio materials begins. Video Involver‘s commits to completing the post-production process of all 4 of your videos and 30 photographs within 7 days of the production day. The process includes: Editing in 4K Resolution Color Grading Motion Graphics Sound Mix Licensed Music Subtitles

Photo Session

Posting pictures of happy lash extension customers, who used your services has always been a successful strategy for salon owners and educators in the field. Video Involver will shoot, retouch and deliver 30 high-quality photographs of selected models and beauty influencers with glamorous curly lashes by Lash Vegas. The photoshoot will include: Professional Makeup and hair styling Portable Background Studio Lighting Photo retouching

Your Investment

Video Involver will generate and produce custom video content and professional photography for Lash Vegas, to be used long-term, across multiple social media and marketing channels.

Video Crew (3 people)
Equipment (1 camera, lights, sound, background)
Second Cameraman + Camera
Photo Shoot (30 retouched photos)
Makeup Artist (10 models)
Motion Graphics (logo, transitions, animated text)
Editing and Post-Production (3 videos)
4th video (shoot + edit)

Total: $5000

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Video Involver is committed to producing the quality videos you need to market your business.

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