Pepsi hired Rookie of the Year 2012 Kyrie Irving to play a fun prank at a pick up game in Bloomfield, NJ. Dressed in a very convincing old man costume, “Uncle Drew” took to the court with a serious gut and whole lotta grey hair.

Irving threw a couple air balls to start with as to not rile any suspicion. Just when all the young kids were getting sick of Uncle Drew, Irving turned on the heat, and blew those kids away.

In celebration of the partnership, Irving will take over the Pepsi MAX Instagram account (@PepsiMAX) on April 25th, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the last home game of his rookie season.  In addition, Irving will be hosting a live question and answer session on May 3rd through the @PepsiMAX Twitter account to talk with fans about his rookie season.

“I’ve stayed focused and played hard on the court all season long,” said Irving.  “I’m thrilled to partner with Pepsi MAX and really do some fun things.  I can’t wait for everyone to see the creative ideas we have planned.”

Kyrie, who was the #1 overall draft pick last season, is a favorite to win 2011-2012 rookie of the year and is part of the foundation for the Cavalier franchise as they build for a successful 2012-2013 season.